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Classroom Theory Registration Form

Students enrolled in Classroom Training will need to print and fill out this form, have a parent or guardian sign it and bring/send to our main office with payment to secure your seat in the class.

Form DL 180 C: Parent/Guardian Certificate of Hours

Form DL 180 TD: Parent Consent Form for a Child to Drive

Form DL 180: Application for a Learner's Permit

Form DL 31: Application to Extend/Replace a Drivers Permit

Form DL 59: Application to Change from a Junior License to a Senior License

Helpful Links

2011 New Teen Driver Law Fact Sheet

AAA Guide to Teen Driver Safety

FAQ about the Driving Exam in PA

PA Drivers Manual with Permit Questions

Schedule Your PA Driving Exam

Technology and Teen Driving

Smartphones are everywhere. 68% of Americans owned one in 2016, compared to just 35% in 2011. The rise of smartphone popularity has come with unexpected costs, as increased smartphone ownership increases the likelihood of cell phone usage in cars. The consequences of distracted driving can be deadly, especially for teens who are still learning to drive. The good news is, together, we can do something about it.

You Tube Videos

Hand-Over-Hand Steering

Mirror Adjustment

Parallel Parking


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