The focus of Petaccio's Driving School is to form one safe driver at a time. We accomplish this task by creating an individual educational plan for each student.

We determine what their strengths and weaknesses are and then work to develop a plan that will enable the student to achieve the goals as set forth by the student, Petaccio's Driving School, and the students' parents. Petaccio's Driving School believes that the only way a new driver will be successful in learning defensive driving techniques is through all three of these participants working together with a common goal.

Our History

Petaccio's Driving School was founded in 2008 when the founder, Bill Petaccio, decided to offer a quality driver education program to his local area. He began his driver education experience in 2005 as a driving instructor. Bill spent 12 years as a High School teacher, and he began a driver education program at a school where he was teaching. He eventually left that school to start and focus his energy on creating a premier driver education program for the local community.

In 2013, Bill attended the University of Indiana where he completed his course work at the Highway Safety Center. There he became certified in safety and driver education. Coursework included safety and emergency healthcare, driver education management, specialized training in emergency maneuvers under stressful driving conditions, driver education classroom management, and specialized driver task training.

Bill and all instructors at Petaccio's Driving School have all state and federal background checks on file.

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